Getting a Medical Alarm for Elderly and Handicapped Family Members

Your handicapped or senior family members may require a lot of care, which means that you and they could benefit from a medical alarm. As their primary caregiver, right now you have a lot to be responsible for. First of all, you have your own life, including the basic human survival needs of feeding, clothing, showering, etc.Portrait of smiling senior couple by house 89794602 And then you have your job, which brings in the income that you need to support yourself and anyone else (such as your handicapped or senior family members). And then you have your social life or other obligations and pleasures that you’d like to take advantage of when you have time. On top of everything, you are spending hours monitoring the safety and health of these family members who are greatly indebted to you. Of course, you don’t see them as a burden, but they might feel that they are burdening you. Getting a medical alert system would be just as much for your benefit as it would be for them, and here’s how:

A medical alert system will give them a pendant to wear around their neck, on their wrist, on their belt, or on their pocket, and this pendant will be wirelessly connected to a base unit placed in the house. On the pendant is a button called the Help button or Emergency button; when there’s a health emergency, they can press the button. The button will contact the base unit, which will place a phone call to the medical alarm monitoring station. Upon receiving the call, the monitoring service providers will place a return phone call to the base unit to see if everything is all right with the individual wearing the pendant. If all is not well or if the individual is unresponsive, they will send emergency personnel to the home right away to check on the individual.

Here’s how this will affect both you and your senior parent or other relative:

You will no longer be entirely responsible for your parent’s or other relative’s safety. That will decrease the amount of worry you have because you’ll know that they are always in safe hands. Medical alarm monitoring services are always working 24/7, so there’s never a time when they stop. life-safety-78819621Therefore, you can stop worrying about them all the time. Additionally, you can resume some of the activities that you have chosen to forgo in lieu of caring for them. Both of you will be more independent, which will probably lead to more life satisfaction on both parts.

Your senior parent will no longer be entirely indebted to you for their safety. They will feel more independent and at the same time, more secure because they are being monitored by 24/7 service. They will also not have to worry about being a burden to you, and because of their newfound independence, they will be able to resume more activities as well.

Getting a medical alarm for the elderly and handicapped family members you have is really a win-win situation for everyone. With more independence for them, more independence for you, and their safety constantly monitored, all of you will sleep better at night.