House Fires and Smoke Alarms

One of the most significant disasters that can affect a home is the one that can be warned about with smoke alarms: a house fire. When there is a real house fire, there is no escaping it. Professional firefighters are needed to come in to take down the flames, salvage the property, save any lives, and rescue the world as they do. Three firefighters standing in front of fire engine 84461122But no matter how much we love firefighters, for most of us we just want to avoid having to meet some of them. Nobody wants their home to get into a situation in which it could be burned down and lost forever, especially not if it might cost a family member his life. So here’s a bit of information about house fires and how smoke alarms can help you deal with them.

House Fires

Fires in the home (the ones that are unintended by the homeowners) actually occur about once every ten minutes, resulting in a phone call to 9-1-1 for the fire department every 60 seconds. Statistically speaking, your chance of having a house fire is extremely high. Firefighters at burning fire flame on wooden house roof 178868697It gets worse if you live in a dry area or if you aren’t careful. Because of how easily fires can start and how quickly they can spread, the first rule of home security and life safety with house fires is to limit their production and reach. Don’t light a fire unless you have to, and then make sure that it is in a controlled context. If you light a candle, don’t leave it right next to a curtain by an open window on a windy day or the flame might jump and catch the curtain. Don’t leave the matchbox or lighter around where children can get to it. And don’t use the gas stove any more than necessary, nor should you ever for any reason place a hot pad or towel on the stovetop. These can easily catch fire and result in disastrous consequences.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke detectors are here to hopefully save the day. Because house fires spread rapidly, you need as much warning as possible. 78461342Fire alarms are quick at detecting the smoke from flaming fires and smoldering fires, causing an annoyingly loud (but effective!) and high-pitched ringing that will alert anyone in the vicinity to the problem. If you have a wireless system, it’s a good idea to actually have your smoke detectors all be interconnected with each other so that when one goes off, they all go off. Thus, no matter where you are in the house when the fire starts, you are warned immediately and can get out to safety and call the fire department to come. You should have fire alarms installed throughout your house, with one in every bedroom and at least one on every floor. That way you will be adequately warned when a fire occurs.

The risks of house fires are high for all of us, but the cost doesn’t have to be excessive if we’re smart about our home security. Install smoke alarms throughout your house to keep you and your family fully aware of any fires that may arise.