Using Video Surveillance for Senior Parents and Relatives

When it comes to home security, video surveillance is often one of the most popular tools to use to secure your home. cameras-157034738Putting up cameras, programming them to run when you want, installing motion sensors, the whole works – all of it comes together to create this really nice surveillance system that keeps your home safe and secure and all of your possessions within it. But with home security, there’s more that you have to worry about than just your things. It’s the people you care about that really need the security and safety you can give them. We don’t have to tell you that people are more important than things because you already know it. But did you know that with the use of security devices like home security cameras you can ensure the security of your loved ones? Security surveillance allows you to monitor those people who are at home when you are not so that you can see how they are doing and send help their way if they need it. The reality is, video surveillance can ensure life safety for your grandparents, your senior parents, handicapped individuals, and yourself.

Surveillance through Monitoring Services

Why is that the case? What does surveillance have anything to do with life safety? The answers come through the ways that monitoring services work. Monitoring services come in three different kinds here. The first is monitoring done by a medical alert system, in which an alert from the system sends an emergency professional to the home to check things out. The second is monitoring provided by the home security monitoring service, which you pay a monthly fee for and they keep watch over the alarm system to send police over if there’s ever an emergency. Both of these monitoring surveillances are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The third is your own monitoring done with video surveillance. You can monitor others for whom you care, with the surveillance footage running 24/7 and you checking in on it whenever you feel it is necessary. All three of these are necessary for life safety because if there’s a threat, emergency services can be contacted to come help ensure the safety of the individuals involved.

827585_75890335Surveillance for Seniors

For those who may be in greater need, such as your senior parents or other elderly relatives, video surveillance provides a great boon to them as well as to you. When there is surveillance set up, you can at any time check in on your parents by remotely checking the video feed. For many adults it is impossible to drop by in person all the time, but checking the video feed on your phone is a lot more manageable. And even if you do see your parents regularly or if they live in your home, you can still check in on them with your home security cameras every time you’re gone from the house for more than a few hours.

Just like you do, your senior parents like to be able to do their own thing. With surveillance, you can keep an eye on them to ensure their safety without oppressively hovering over them in person.